Socialized Boarding

Does your dog demand attention?

You won’t find dogs lounging in cages here at South Tampa Pet Resort. We provide high quality socialized boarding services for your pup while you are away.

Though there is an impulse for pet parents to want to protect their animal from any stress-inducing situations, it is more important to teach your dog how to react and cope in a variety of scenarios. It can be frustrating to discover that your pup cannot tolerate being around other dogs at all. Things can quickly get out of hand as your dog reacts aggressively, becoming a danger to himself or other, smaller, dogs.

Maybe he reacts the opposite way, becoming shy and withdrawn when around strange animals. Or perhaps he’s just a bit too enthusiastic and overwhelms the other dogs. In any case, we walk our dogs, take them to the vet, and expose them to all sorts of unfamiliar people, places, and animals throughout their lives. Your dog must understand how to properly behave in these situations.

At South Tampa Pet Resort, we understand that well socialized dogs grow to be friendly, confident, and successful pets. This means that when you leave your pup with us, he’ll get to play with all his new friends in the daycare play groups before being tucked in for the night. After a fun day of play, your pup will be escorted to their private villa for dinner and bedtime.


The sooner your dog begins developing his social skills, the better. Younger dogs respond to new experiences a lot better than older ones, but it’s never too late to socialize your dog. Even dogs that have experienced extreme isolation, neglect, or trauma can overcome social anxiety with the correct training.

The goal for your pet should always be a well-rounded and confident dog. A dog who reacts calmly to new and unfamiliar situations, and doesn’t develop strange phobias because he was not properly socialized.

Here, your dog will develop his social skills through scheduled playtimes in a controlled and well-monitored environment. Our trained Kennel Attendants ensure that each pup receives their meals and any medications necessary during their stay, as well as taking them out for walking and potty breaks.

Feel free to bring any comfort items from home for your pup, we suggest a small blanket or t-shirt that smells like you (their favorite human)! Click on the “New Clients” page to review boarding requirements.

Get your pup the socialization they need!

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