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South Tampa Pet Resort is the new home of Local Service Dogs. Local Service Dogs’ mission is to establish a nationwide network of diverse service dog trainers working to improve access, affordability, and quality of service dogs to those in need. Our organization trains veterans, first responders, professional athletes, and other qualified candidates to become service dog trainers in our network.

Striving to improve the quality of life of those who serve, our network of service dog trainers provide quality and affordable service dog training to those in need throughout their communities. Our goal is to ensure universal access to quality service dogs by using a systematic and forward thinking approach to training, handling, and dispersal of dogs in this industry.

Check out the articles below to see how we are helping those in need. (External articles open in new window)

Briand and Niklaus

A New Prescription for Post-NFL Pain: How a Service Dog Helps an Ex-Lineman Cope

Ex-NFL star Brian Schaefering sits down with Bleacher Report to discuss how his dog Niklaus, a two-year-old Dutch Shepherd, can do everything from helping Schaefering keep his balance to ameliorating some of the symptoms of PTSD

Richard Starks - STPR

New pet resort plans side business: Lowering the cost of training service dogs

The Tampa Bay Times reports on one local businessman's transformation of a local dog boarding center and his commitment to the community.