Obedience Training

Embarrassed by your dogs behavior?

A trained dog is a happy dog. Your dog looks to you, as their handler, for guidance and reinforcement when interacting in this big world. It’s important to begin training while your pet is still a puppy. It makes things easier, like developing a daily routine, learning where he can and cannot eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom.

“No” and “Good” are two of the most important words your pet can learn at this stage. Your puppy needs to understand when you like or dislike the behavior he is exhibiting. Your body language and tone of voice is also key in training your pup. Once he knows these praise and correction words, then it is time to start teaching more advance commands like “Sit,” “Stay,” and “Leave It.”

Though puppies take on to training much easier than adult dogs, it is not impossible for an older dog to learn new tricks as some may have you believe. When training dogs, demanding respect is key. Your dog must know that you are the leader, and it is you who decides what is or isn’t okay for him to do.

It is ill advised to rely solely on treats when training a dog, the primary reason being that your pet may only follow your commands so long as he is hungry enough to bother. The result is that your dog understands that he doesn’t really have to listen to you unless he decides that he is ready to eat. This is a dynamic that we want to prevent.


Praise, affection, and toys are other alternatives to food that can be used to train dogs, even better if you mix up the reward to keep your dog guessing which one he’s going to get the next time. Your furry friend will continue to listen to you and be excited to do so because he will enjoy the surprise of whichever gift he receives for being a good dog.

Our team of trainers offer multiple training options to help your dog be the best they can be. Dog training is all about teamwork. Our skilled trainers will coach both you and your dog so that you can confidently and happily co-exist with your furry companion. Our trainers will conduct a canine behavioral assessment during our consultation to help better understand the needs of your dog.

We offer:

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  • Board and Train Packages
  • Group Obedience Classes
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