Mobile Grooming


Mobile Dog Grooming Services

Instead of coming to us, we come straight to you for your pet grooming needs! Today’s pet owners are busier than ever and setting aside time to get your pet to the groomer can be difficult. Your convenience and the undivided attention your pet receives in our custom, self-contained grooming truck make this service a great choice.

This option also benefits dogs who tend to get stressed when traveling in cars, dislike being around other animals, or are elderly and cannot get around as easily as they used to. No more dealing with carsick or stressed out dogs. Now, your dog only has to venture a couple of feet outside the house in order to get excellent spa treatment. Mobile grooming is also a better choice for older pet parents who aren’t as mobile themselves. We recognize that traveling isn’t always an option for those in our community, so we want to bring South Tampa Pet Resort to all who need it.

Our highly skilled groomer comes to your doorstep so you can sit back and relax while your dog receives the spa treatment. Our full service mobile grooming truck has an oversized tub and grooming station so no job is too big or too small. Our mobile grooming station is fully equipped an inverter for electricity and a water heater so your pet is as comfortable as possible.

We provide baths, de matting, nail trimming/grinding, ear cleaning, scissor clipping and shave downs, anal gland expression, flea treatment, sanitary area groom, and full specialty grooms. Your pet is never in a kennel. He or she receives exclusive treatment from our groomer and focused attention from start to finish. You can’t beat one-on-one attention!

Since regular grooming salons deal with multiple pets at once, mobile grooming is particularly beneficial for those on a time crunch. Grooming time is much faster in our mobile grooming truck, and can take about 1-2 hours depending on the size of the dog. This is especially beneficial for anxious dogs and seniors.

Eliminating separation anxiety and any kind of physical stress is very important to us and any pet parent, and we work hard to ensure that your dog is relaxed and pampered.

Our groomer will have a consultation with you prior to the appointment to ensure that your grooming needs are met!


  • Convenient
  • Less stress for you and your pet
  • One on One Professional Care
  • No cage drying
  • No exposure to other animals

Dogs are mans best friend… except when it’s time for a bath!

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