How to make prawns with garlic

It was time to prepare one of the most magnificent and legendary dishes of Spanish gastronomy: the prawns with garlic .

There are dishes that at first glance seem complicated to elaborate Maybe it is because of the exquisiteness of its intimidating flavor or because of the refinement of its ingredients.

The fact is that they are frightening when it comes to imagining with what rays of sophisticated preparation their pronounced taste is achieved. characteristic.

A good example is, precisely, prawns with garlic , a dish that seems reserved only to the wisdom of chefs, but that is really as simple as making lemonade.

The garlic prawns are just that: prawns sautéed in oil with garlic, so beautiful in the science of its simplicity, you'll see.

With this recipe we'll show you that culinary fears are, many times, ingenuous fears unfounded without sense or reason.

Abracadabra, let's make prawns jillo!

how to make prawns with garlic recipe

Recipe with garlic prawns

The ideal thing is to use fresh prawns, that you have to peel and clean them. But you can very well make frozen prawns with garlic. They usually sell them in bags in supermarkets, they come clean and peeled. They serve for when we are in a hurry. But seriously, fresh is better.

Ah! And if you decide to go for a bag, beware of buying precooked prawns. That would take away the magic, flavor and freshness of this dish.You'll see how easy they are to prepare.What kind of prawns do you have? If they are fresh and whole you should remove head, tail and legs, then peel them and then extract the fine black thread that they have in their lower part, they are the intestines! Finally, wash briefly in a little water. If instead you have peeled prawns, you will only have to wash them and that's it. While you let them rest in a drainer, prepare the garlic.

  • Cut the garlic into sheets not very thin, nor very small. Repeat them on the hot oil until they begin to brown slightly. Beware, ugh, burn the blades, this would give an unwanted bitter taste to this beautiful dish. Oh, and if you like spicy, choose to sauté the garlic with a chili pepper chopped into medium pieces too.
  • When you see the first signs of browning in garlic, take it as the expected sign that you should incorporate prawns. Dice them with enthusiasm in this oil. Enjoy as much as you can this moment of enthralling aroma, because it should only last five minutes. No more. If you overcook, you'll harden the tender meat of prawns.
  • Add a pinch salt, stir, and then pour the wine on your prawns already dyed in garlic. Leave to cook on high heat for a couple more minutes so that the alcohol evaporates.
  • The final touch is given by sprinkling some fresh parsley on the prawns.
  • If you feel like it, you can also add a pinch of pepper. Stir well and pass them very hot, if possible boiling, to a clay pot. But, bah, if you do not have clay pot, nothing happens, the important thing is that you serve them very hot 😉
  • recipe of garlic prawns

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