Doggy Daycare


Considering Doggy Daycare?

We hate to leave our dogs and they hate for us to leave them. Your dog may get lonely staying in the house all by himself while you’re away. A bored dog is never a good thing and can often lead to unwanted behaviors. Bored or lonely dogs may begin to act out destructively, chewing and tearing things in the house he never used to before.

This can also happen because your dog has so much pent up energy from being inside all day, that he must release this energy in different ways, sometimes at the detriment of your furniture. Our doggy daycare gives your pup a place to play and learn while you are away.

Clients can pickup and drop off their furry friend anytime of the day or night! No more rushing home from work because you have to let your dog out. Some days you have to work late, and how can you focus on your job if you’re worrying that your dog has to pee or is hungry and waiting for you.

Having your dog stay with us gives you the peace of mind needed to focus on doing whatever it is that you need to do. The best part is that since your dog has had so much fun hanging out with us, by the time you bring him home, he’ll be ready to relax and curl up on the couch with you.

Each dog is assessed by our training team to decide which play yard would best fit their needs. Daycare groups are separated by size and temperament and each group has their own climate controlled indoor play yard and oversized outdoor dog park.

Spending time with other dogs is great for your pet’s wellbeing. Your dog will develop his social skills and learn to interact with other animals in a healthy way. Dogs are social by nature, so they will appreciate the opportunity to be around their own kind.

In addition to our fantastic and spacious facility, our quality Daycare Attendants supervise and play with the dogs in their play groups throughout the entire day, as well as assist the dogs in safely transitioning from indoor to outdoor play yards.

Change up your dog’s routine and give him his own mini vacation. From chasing bubbles to splashing in the wading pools, your dog is sure to have fun at South Tampa Pet Resort!

Ready to give doggy daycare a try?

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