13 easy and healthy baked fish recipes

With this collection of baked fish recipes you will discover that there is a horizon far beyond the frying pan and the griddle when cooking fish is involved.


Before the push of your appetite makes you prepare each and every one of these baked fish recipes, you should know that the only golden rule in this cookbook is that the fish is fresh. Forever. This you will easily recognize when you check that the meat of your fillets is firm to the touch and smells the closest thing to the sea, or if in your entire prey you observe reddish wet gills and bright bulging eyes.

Baked fish recipes

Types of fish there is as quantity of sea. But do not worry, this list is designed so you know which fish will give you as a result what a surprise, when you pass through the oven incubator. And not only that, it was also thought in a versatile way so you can exchange types of fish with cooking methods. Welcome creativity!


As the name says, this group includes all those white-colored fish, considered lean because they have a low fat content that does not exceed 2% unsaturated fats. From its wide range of species and varieties, you will love preparing these recipes for hake, snapper and sea bass :

Hake with vegetables

Let's be clear, hake is perhaps the best known white fish in many cuisines, and its mix with vegetables is a classic. Learn to cook it with the ultra uff touch that gives the fun technique of the papillote.

Hake in tomato sauce

Oven and tomato sauce always, but always, they take it from wonder, how could not fit an appetizing hake here? If sauces are your thing, you can also enjoy browsing this recipe for hake in parsley sauce.

Hake burgers

I bet you just read it "Hamburg ...", you could not contain the desire to click. No, it is not compulsive, is that hamburgers are always appetizing and with this recipe you found the way to make them less caloric!

Lemon snap without lemon

Likewise, with flavor lemon but without ever adding this ingredient if you consider that you have the rudeness of cooking your fish or dulling its authentic flavor. If you do not think it's possible, see how this recipe does it.

Baked sea bass with potatoes

sea bass baked

Sea bass is a very popular fish that is known in some countries as snook. The common thing is to eat a whole piece per person since it has the ideal size of an individual ration. Prepared in the oven, with potatoes, is possibly the best known recipe.

Blue fish

This is the group of fish that I call "heart fish" because the powerful Omega -3 they contain makes your heart beat, not only of love, but to fill it with life. Its fat composition is in the range of 5 to 15% unsaturated fat. Three must-haves baked blue are the salmon , the sardine and the tuna.

Salmon with aromatic herbs

For those who carefully care for herbs on their balcony, here is a recipe for them to use without a hint of modesty. But now, if you do not grow herbs, much less have a balcony, do not exasperate, this recipe is also for you.

Salmon with orange marmalade

Let the salmon come from the sea, of salt water, it does not detract from the virtues of exquisiteness when it is prepared sweetened.It's delicious, simple and very nutritious.

Baked Sardines

 recipe for baked sardines

Baked fish: sardines have their own!

In any case the sardine should be considered the Cinderella of the fish, unleashes feelings of appreciation and contempt in the same measure, that already speaks very well of the seat it occupies. It is a super nutritious food and loaded with flavor, and to top it off you can combine it very well with bacon, thanks to this other sardine recipe with bacon .

Tuna belly

Eh, do not even think that because it's simple, this recipe will have a successful result with canned tuna. Nothing is further from reality. The oven is for large, juicy and substantial pieces of fish that, if possible, jump directly from the sea to the tray. Tuna is not the exception.

Semigrain fish

And because between white and blue there are intermediate tones, there are so-called semi-fat fish, luck of "unicorns" from the sea next of mermaids and tritons. But they are not mythology but white or blue fish that, depending on the season of the year, reduce or increase the fat content of your body from 2 to maximum 6%. For example, the golden and the corvina :

Golden with potatoes

Potatoes! And baked, you will tell me. This recipe for baked fish is a "two in one" of a main course with garnish included, leaving well solved stomachs more hungry.

Corvina thai

For when you want to go for the exotic and leave your guests open-mouthed asking for more, it will be worthwhile to get this genuinely Thai baked fish recipe up your sleeve.

Sweaty Fish

baked fish recipes

Sweetened baked fish wheels, one of the most delicious and healthy recipes.

My favorite recipe, for its quality to offer you a wide margin to experiment with any type of fish -blank, blue or semigraso- without ceasing to ally with the care of your figure.

There are no additional rules, rather than cooking at your leisure these entertaining recipes of baked fish as many times as you want. I assure you, roasting always guarantees that a pleasant surprise will come from the stove. And well, if you bring guests home, they'll leave happy, if they do not move to your kitchen.

Now that you know how to make baked fish, you can add this list to your marine header recipe book , next to our section dedicated exclusively to fish and seafood recipes.